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How I make my swords.


I get asked a lot about how i build my swords, so heres a step by step guide. Following these instructions will give you a nicely balanced sword, that weighs about 12 ounces, and measures 34″ overall. The “blade kit” i’m using here gives me a 2.5″ wide blade, but can easily be adjusted to suit other rule requirements.

what you need:

step 1.

cut a .5″ circle of .5″ thick foam and secure as a “cap” using crossing strips of strapping tape

step 2.

coat the core (except the area to become handle) and the routered side of the “blade kit” in an even layer of dap contact cement. Allow to dry.

step 3.

carefully place the core in the groove, and fold over, making sure to keep edges aligned and that the blade doesnt twist.

step 4.

tape up and over the “flat” of the blade with a layer of duct tape, so the seam is fully covered.

now tape up and over the blade edge, with a layer of strapping tape.

step 5.

cover the handle area with double sided tape, and run a piece of rope along the “edge” on both sides.

now wrap this as tightly as you can in packaging tape, making sure the rope stays as straight as possible.

step 6.

tear off 2, 3′ strips of duct tape, and starting near the blade, wrap the handle, working your way down, using equal lengths of tape as you go.

step 7.

tear 1″ wide strips of duct tape, and wrap the base of the handle until you have a diameter of at least 1″.

using packaging tape, cap this with 1″ thick foam disk.

now using packaging tape, wrap cap and base with a 2″ wide strip of foam until your pommel is atleast 2″ in diameter.

secure with a criss cross of packaging tape, and by tightly wrapping onto handle area.

cover pommel in finish tape or cloth.

step 8.

starting on the pommel end, and beginning with the “squared off” end, secure with a small piece of duct tape, and wrap wilson grip wrap,

overlapping by about 1/3  its width, secure with small strip of tape. (note: i use the entire wrap, instead of cutting it, adjust your overlap as needed)

step 9.

add cover.

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